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The following projects are at different stages of development and financial support will be appreciated:

  1. Monitoring of birds of 22 pentads annually. This is mainly sponsored by the team leader and the company MEDIS (Pty) Ltd.
  2. Agulhas Plain Birding Project website. This will mainly be the hosting cost every year. The plan is to request the various accommodation owners for yearly donation and then list accommodation according to donation size.
  3. Bird-hide Program of the Agulhas Plain.
    1. Various bird hides are planned for the Plain in order to make it a more attractive destination.
    2. Various role players has to be consulted(mainly our partners) and certain processes has to be followed.
    3. Experienced birders will be consulted about the ideal positions taking environmental factors into consideration.
    4. Photographer friendly hides should be built so as to accommodate this side of tourism market.
    5. Build quality not quantity, perhaps using architect design hides, using local materials and labour.
    6. Bird guide training program
    7. Train the staff of Agulhas National Park and Nature reserves when required.
    8. Train private Bird guides for the area and so create jobs in the private sector.

  • Donations can be paid to: Agulhas Birding Project

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