Migrants to the Agulhas Plain

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Alphabetical NameFull NameScientificSightingsPhotos
Bee-eater, Blue-cheeked Blue-cheeked Bee-eaterMerops persicus05
Bee-eater, European European Bee-eaterMerops apiaster00
Buzzard, CommonCommon BuzzardButeo buteo04
Buzzard, European HoneyEuropean Honey BuzzardPernis apivorus01
Cuckoo, Black Black CuckooCuculus clamosus00
Cuckoo, Common Common CuckooCuculus canorus02
Cuckoo, DiederikDiederik CuckooChrysococcyx caprius02
Cuckoo, Red-chested Red-chested CuckooCuculus solitarius01
Curlew, Eurasian Eurasian CurlewNumenius arquata01
Eagle, Booted Booted EagleHieraaetus pennatus03
Falcon, Amur Amur FalconFalco amurensis2 2
Falcon, Peregrine Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus04
Flycatcher, African ParadiseAfrican Paradise FlycatcherTerpsiphone viridis03
Flycatcher, Spotted Spotted flycatcherMuscicapa striata03
Godwit, Bar-tailed Bar-tailed GodwitLimosa lapponica01
Greenshank, Common Common GreenshankTringa nebularia01
Harrier, Montagu's Montagu's HarrierCircus pygargus01
Kestrel, Lesser Lesser KestrelFalco naumanni01
Kite, Yellow-billed Yellow-billed KiteMilvus aegyptius01
Knot, Red Red KnotCalidris canutus01
Martin, Banded Banded MartinRiparia cincta01
Martin, Common House Common House MartinDelichon urbicum01
Nightjar, Rufous-cheeked Rufous-cheeked NightjarCaprimulgus rufigena00
Osprey, WesternWestern OspreyPandion haliaetus02
Plover, American Golden American Golden PloverPluvialis dominica04
Plover, Common Ringed Common Ringed PloverCharadrius hiaticula01
Plover, Greater Sand Greater Sand PloverCharadrius leschenaultii01
Plover, Grey Grey PloverPluvialis squatarola02
Plover, Pacific Golden Pacific Golden PloverPluvialis fulva06
Quail, Common Common QuailCoturnix coturnix02
Roller, European European RollerCoracias garrulus02
RuffRuffPhilomachus pugnax01
SanderlingSanderlingCalidris alba02
Sandpiper, Broad-billed Broad-billed SandpiperLimicola falcinellus03
Sandpiper, Common Common SandpiperActitis hypoleucos01
Sandpiper, Curlew Curlew SandpiperCalidris ferruginea01
Sandpiper, Marsh Marsh SandpiperTringa stagnatilis01
Sandpiper, Terek Terek SandpiperXenus cinereus01
Sandpiper, White-rumped White-rumped SandpiperCalidris fuscicollis03
Sandpiper, Wood Wood SandpiperTringa glareola01
Saw-wing, Black Black Saw-wingPsalidoprocne pristoptera01
Starling, Wattled Wattled StarlingCreatophora cinerea02
Stint, Little Little StintCalidris minuta01
Stork, White White StorkCiconia ciconia02
Swallow, Barn Barn SwallowHirundo rustica03
Swallow, Greater Striped Greater Striped SwallowCecropis cucullata01
Swallow, Lesser Striped Lesser Striped SwallowCecropis abyssinica01
Swallow, Pearl-breasted Pearl-breasted SwallowHirundo dimidiata01
Swallow, White-throated White-throated SwallowHirundo albigularis01
Swift, Common Common SwiftApus apus01
Swift, Horus Horus SwiftApus horus00
Tern, Arctic Arctic TernSterna paradisaea00
Tern, Common Common TernSterna hirundo02
Tern, Damara Damara TernSterna balaenarum02
Tern, Gull-billed Gull-billed TernGelochelidon nilotica03
Tern, Little Little TernSterna albifrons01
Tern, Sandwich Sandwich TernThalasseus sandvicensis01
Tern, Whiskered Whiskered TernChlidonias hybrida01
Tern, White-winged White-winged TernChlidonias leucopterus00
Turnstone, Ruddy Ruddy TurnstoneArenaria interpres01
Warbler, African Reed African Reed WarblerAcrocephalus baeticatus00
WhimbrelWhimbrelNumenius phaeopus03


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