Lbj's of the Agulhas Plain

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Alphabetical NameFull NameScientificSightingsPhotos
Bunting, Lark-like Lark-like BuntingEmberiza impetuani01
Cisticola, Cloud Cloud CisticolaCisticola textrix01
Cisticola, Grey-backed Grey-backed CisticolaCisticola subruficapilla02
Cisticola, Levaillant's Levaillant's CisticolaCisticola tinniens02
Cisticola, Zitting Zitting CisticolaCisticola juncidis02
Grassbird, Cape Cape GrassbirdSphenoeacus afer03
Lark, Agulhas Long-billed Agulhas Long-billed LarkCerthilauda brevirostris2 2
Lark, Cape Clapper Cape Clapper LarkMirafra apiata01
Lark, Large-billed Large-billed LarkGalerida magnirostris02
Lark, Red-capped Red-capped LarkCalandrella cinerea01
Longclaw, Cape Cape LongclawMacronyx capensis01
NeddickyNeddickyCisticola fulvicapilla01
Pipit, African African PipitAnthus cinnamomeus01
Pipit, Plain-backed Plain-backed PipitAnthus leucophrys01
Prinia, Karoo Karoo PriniaPrinia maculosa01
Warbler, African Reed African Reed WarblerAcrocephalus baeticatus00
Warbler, Lesser Swamp Lesser Swamp WarblerAcrocephalus gracilirostris02
Warbler, Little RushLittle Rush WarblerBradypterus baboecala00


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